In Defense of Journalism.

Dear Crow’s Nest Readers,

As assistant editor of the Crow’s Nest, I am dedicated to our paper – even in transit.  Currently, I’m sitting in a coffee shop in New York City mulling over today’s publication.

Even while away, the staff, work ethic and integrity of the paper are still in my thoughts.

In my absence, an important story will be published.  I want to explain why I wrote the article I wrote.

Today’s article documents the abuse of funds by our Student Body President Chris Talley.  I received numerous warnings from friends and collegues that writing the article was a bad idea, something that would make my last year at USF St. Petersburg a living hell.  Not only would it inevitably anger the President himself, but could possibly reflect poorly on our university.

As far as I’m concerned there was never an option of not writing it.  It is my job to write the most relevant and important stories on campus.  More so than that, it is my duty to provide the students of USF St. Petersburg the information necessary for self-governance.

I wrote this article because I owed it to students, to the institution, and to the integrity of journalism.

-Amanda Smith


3 Responses

  1. I think you are in the right. It was right to publish the story. It isn’t any of the authors fault what might happen because of the article. I give you props for publishing it ladies, keep the ball rolling.

  2. I agree. It was not only right to publish the story, it was their civic duty. A newspaper is supposed to serve as a watchdog for the community, or in this case, a university. Amanda Smith, you are a star!!!

  3. The reporters were well within their right to publish the story. A newspaper should serve as a watchdog for a community, or in this case, a university. Amanda, you rock!

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