A Night with Dane Cook

In the midst of the Superbowl shenanigans, people swarmed to the St. Petersburg Times forum on Jan. 31, 2009. Why? Dane Cook. That’s why. The stand-up comedian performed all new and original bits for his fans. 20,000 fans. The forum was packed and people were ready to laugh.

In row 13, I had a clear view of Cook on his 360-degree stage. Fellow Cook fans had made t-shirts with his signature “SuFi” symbol on their backs and a poster claiming it was their birthday. The night began with two opening acts, Robert Kelly and Al Del Bene. Kelly is familiar face from the HBO special, Tourgasm featuring Cook, Kelly and other fellow comedians.

The openers got the crowd excited and kept them entertained until Cook arrived. Describing the recent events of both parents passing in the past nine months, Cook gave the audience something inspirational to take home with his words of inspiration, along with some comedic relief.

I wondered why did Cook come to Tampa superbowl weekend? His 2009 tour has two locations: Las Vegas and Tampa. Cook told St. Petersburg Times, “You know, I’ll take the toughest weekend in the toughest spot in the country during that weekend, and if I can put the asses in the seats, it’ll be a great way to get the year going with what will be a nationwide tour.”

Fans exploded when Cook returned for an encore and said, “how about we turn off all the lights and play who’s in my mouth,” a old joke that the crowd recognized immediately.

I’d say Cook fulfilled his goals of filling the house which may just kick off an national tour. His new CD, Isolated Incident, will be released May 16, 2009.


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  1. His new C.D is called Isolated Incident.

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