Sometimes we need to let our inner kid out to play.

Life is stressful. It always has been. You have a paper to do in APA style and you’ve never used APA before. Your boss just laid you off or you work a full time job and take a full load at school.
Maybe you’re a mom or a dad.
Anyway you spin it; sometimes we feel just one step behind.
When I have these moments, I hit up Celebration Station.
Angry with that B you made? Just shoot some zombies!
Upset because you missed your deadline and your boss is hovering until you get it done? No problem! There is a boxing video game and you can imagine anyone as your opponent!
Disappointed in yourself because you’ve had no time for the gym? Hey, there is always Dance Dance Revolution! And don’t feel bashful; everyone looks like an idiot up there!
I will admit, the allure of the go-karts is not so great when you’ve had a driver’s license for almost 10 years… but if you have a group of friends and a competitive spirit then they are just as fun as when you were thirteen.
And don’t forget the one game Celebration Station has to offer that can help you work all that stress off… Laser Tag!
You can run around shooting the pants off anyone in your way. I cannot think of a better way to blow off a bad grade or a fight with a friend.
If you look at their web site,, you can find hours, locations and prices.
Sometimes there are also coupons available for buy one get one free go-karts or laser tag.
Aside from the coupons, Celebration Station offers weekly specials. For example, on Tuesdays you can purchase an additional go-kart ride for $0.99. Also, on Wednesdays, you can play 18 holes of miniature golf for $0.99.
On Friday and Saturday from 8 pm to 11 pm and on Sunday from 6 pm to 9 pm you can buy unlimited rides for $8.99.
They also sell a perfectly portioned delicious $0.25 ice cream!
I also have to mention the stiff moving mechanical animals and the tragically nostalgic 80s décor. You remember those from 10 years ago right? Well, they are still there!!
Celebration Station is an inexpensive alternative to a Friday night out.
When our responsibilities pile up, we encounter a little more stress than usual, or just because we want to have a little fun, Celebration Station is a place where anyone of any age can have a great time.


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