Visting Your Favorite T.V. Shows From the Past

Sitting at my desk I flip through the channels and come across a T.V. show that was a favorite for some: 90201. The signature intro music that has that early 90s guitar riff grabs my attention. After wasting and hour, sometimes half a day rekindling the T.V. shows of my past I realize how good some of these shows actually were.

Take 90201 for example, the legendary Peach Pit sparks memories. The fight with your best friend about who is more attractive Dylan or Brandon or on the opposite end, Kelly or Donna. Who could forget the loved-villan, Valerie. This show premiered in 1990.

Moving down the time line, many will remember the theme song that began, “when I wake up in the morning and the alarm gives out a warning, I don’t think I’ll ever make it on time.” Saved by the bell! The side-swept hair Zach Morris had and who knows what A.C. Slater, aka Mario Lopez, had on his head. Who could notice with that distracting physique we all remember he got from wrestling.  The key episode for me was when Jessie Spano became addicted to pain killers and had a breakdown in from of Zach. Tragic.

Who could forget Dawson’s Creek and the teenage angst Dawson had is almost every episode. Then there was the O.C. I never actually watched an episode of this show when it aired, but thank goodness for daytime re-runs. Marissa has quite a struggle throughout that show.

Now I ask, what was your favorite T.V. show? What do you remember best about T.V. growing up? Contribute to the discussion or add your own!


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