The Reviewer: “Coraline” in 3D

Modernity does not exist without its past. Like only the best animated features, “Coraline” masks the sage wisdom you’d expect from a classic novel by delivering an aesthetic feast for the eyes. Experimental colors, shapes and sounds serenade your visual attention as you surprise yourself in realizing the message of the film shines just as bright.

While the creators of “Coraline” relied on state of the art technology to deliver a 3-D performance unrivaled, the movie’s message was age old. The story follows a young girl isolated from friends by a new move, allowing loneliness to take her as its prey. With parents that don’t care, and nothing to occupy her insatiable imagination, Coraline resents her life as she knows it, just in time to find an alternate universe exists.

The film was pure aesthetic bliss. Oh, the colors! Bright purples you’d long forgotten, the blues and greens that you’d find deep in a rainforest make their way to the screen. You journey with the art direction of the film and think to yourself, I don’t ever want this to end. The beauty of the film, aesthetic and otherwise, comes in the seamless transition from the “real” world to the “other” world. The other world, complete with Coraline’s “Other Mother” drastically improves every aspect of Coraline’s mediocre life; drab walls turn to palace paintings, funky dinners turn to delightful feasts. It’s everything she’s dreamed of, or is it?

I think the preview of the film gave too much away, upon even my first viewing of the trailer I’d thought I’d seen to much, wishing I could have come into the film with innocent eyes. I will give no more away except to say that Coraline the character exists as a courageous soul and learns one of life’s most important lessons – know what you have and love it before you lose it.


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