Is Grey’s Getting Good?

This season of Grey’s Anatomy is getting down to the real drama as the show inches itself toward its close. In anticipation to see what happens to Izzie, Derek’s professional performance and Meredith’s engagement ring that Derek chucked into the woods, I have to ask my self: Is the occurring drama actually as good as it seems?

I am stuck thinking this show is either fabulous or ridiculous. Without really knowing what goes on inside a hospital I cannot conclude what actually happens or not. Maybe it is the character relations that are so aggravating. Can Meredith be any more selfish? Are hospital interns really that stupid? Do doctors always get away with yelling at patients?

Oh yeah, now I remind my self that it is a television show with a cause to provide entertainment.

Now that we all know Izzie has some type of odd cancer, it is down to Derek to save her. If she dies under Derek’s hand, it is safe to assume that he will go into a depressive state while poor Meredith, as selfish as she is, will never get to marry him because she will be too busy picking up his beer cans. If Izzie lives, then I don’t know – congratulations Derek and on to the next season?

Without looking at the Grey’s Anatomy Insider Web site, I still cannot decide if Izzie will live or die. Now if this there is a twist to this week’s episode, I will believe this show is a masterpiece. Otherwise, I’ll look forward to the new actor who takes Izzie’s place.


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