Visting Your Favorite T.V. Shows From the Past

Sitting at my desk I flip through the channels and come across a T.V. show that was a favorite for some: 90201. The signature intro music that has that early 90s guitar riff grabs my attention. After wasting and hour, sometimes half a day rekindling the T.V. shows of my past I realize how good some of these shows actually were.

Take 90201 for example, the legendary Peach Pit sparks memories. The fight with your best friend about who is more attractive Dylan or Brandon or on the opposite end, Kelly or Donna. Who could forget the loved-villan, Valerie. This show premiered in 1990.

Moving down the time line, many will remember the theme song that began, “when I wake up in the morning and the alarm gives out a warning, I don’t think I’ll ever make it on time.” Saved by the bell! The side-swept hair Zach Morris had and who knows what A.C. Slater, aka Mario Lopez, had on his head. Who could notice with that distracting physique we all remember he got from wrestling.  The key episode for me was when Jessie Spano became addicted to pain killers and had a breakdown in from of Zach. Tragic.

Who could forget Dawson’s Creek and the teenage angst Dawson had is almost every episode. Then there was the O.C. I never actually watched an episode of this show when it aired, but thank goodness for daytime re-runs. Marissa has quite a struggle throughout that show.

Now I ask, what was your favorite T.V. show? What do you remember best about T.V. growing up? Contribute to the discussion or add your own!


Caffeine for College Students

College students crave caffeine like a drug addict. It can be assumed that during exam time on a college campus, students would rather have a caffeine IV hooked up to them rather than buying a $3 coffee every couple of hours.

The technical term for caffeine or “chemical” is xanthine alkaloid. Caffeine is a stimulant drug that increases body actions like heart rate, blood pressure and metabolism. On top of speeding up the body’s systems the drug is a diuretic. Ever wonder why the bathroom is calling your name after that cup-a-Joe?

Corporations like Starbucks and Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf have made fortunes off of the naturally-grown coffee bean. Each brand seems to have a distinct and memorable taste. Starbucks tends to be bitterer than others, while Dunkin’ Donuts coffee has a smoother taste. No matter your preference, the benefits are the same.

Recently a non-coffee-drinker’s haven was born: energy drinks. Some have low sugar to no sugar, others with little carbs to no carbs. These drinks produce the same effect as coffee, but with a different taste.

I surveyed 63 students to find their favorite caffeinated beverage out of the top five drinks that contained the most caffeine. The five included were: Starbucks grande coffee, Rockstar Zero-carb, Monster, Red Bull and Diet Coke. Of the students surveyed, 41 percent preferred the highest-caffeine drink: Starbucks grande coffee that has 330 mg of caffeine. Second place was Diet Coke at 32 percent of students. This drink has only 45 mg of caffeine, a huge jump from Starbucks. Third place went to Monster which 13 percent preferred. Monster has 160 mg of caffeine, not a far jump from the 330 mg.

Poll Results

Studies have attempted to find if consuming caffeine is beneficial or harmful to your health. The consistent finding was drinking some form of caffeine before you exercise can increase your performance during your workout.

A Night with Dane Cook

In the midst of the Superbowl shenanigans, people swarmed to the St. Petersburg Times forum on Jan. 31, 2009. Why? Dane Cook. That’s why. The stand-up comedian performed all new and original bits for his fans. 20,000 fans. The forum was packed and people were ready to laugh.

In row 13, I had a clear view of Cook on his 360-degree stage. Fellow Cook fans had made t-shirts with his signature “SuFi” symbol on their backs and a poster claiming it was their birthday. The night began with two opening acts, Robert Kelly and Al Del Bene. Kelly is familiar face from the HBO special, Tourgasm featuring Cook, Kelly and other fellow comedians.

The openers got the crowd excited and kept them entertained until Cook arrived. Describing the recent events of both parents passing in the past nine months, Cook gave the audience something inspirational to take home with his words of inspiration, along with some comedic relief.

I wondered why did Cook come to Tampa superbowl weekend? His 2009 tour has two locations: Las Vegas and Tampa. Cook told St. Petersburg Times, “You know, I’ll take the toughest weekend in the toughest spot in the country during that weekend, and if I can put the asses in the seats, it’ll be a great way to get the year going with what will be a nationwide tour.”

Fans exploded when Cook returned for an encore and said, “how about we turn off all the lights and play who’s in my mouth,” a old joke that the crowd recognized immediately.

I’d say Cook fulfilled his goals of filling the house which may just kick off an national tour. His new CD, Isolated Incident, will be released May 16, 2009.

Quality Produce in St. Petersburg

$12.82. That is how much I paid for produce this morning at my local Saturday Morning Market. In downtown St. Petersburg we are lucky enough to have a farmer’s market at our fingertips. Today I bought bananas, mushrooms, asparagus, bell peppers, strawberries (Plant City style), apples and onions all for $12.82. Normally at Publix I would be paying $15 or more for all those goodies.

This was the first time I have purchased produce from this market, or any market for that matter and I’m cursing myself for waiting so long! I was motivated to buy today from the book I recently purchased, Eat This Not That: Supermarket Survival Guide. I am a huge fan of this book and this is author and Men’s Health Editor-In-Chief, David Zinczenko’s best yet. Just from the produce I bought today, I’ll give you a few facts and benefits of each.

Bananas: available year-round, store green, unripe fruit away from direct heat and sun. If you want to speed up the riping process put those green bananas in a paper bag. The benefits include B6 (USDA says this fruit helps prevent cognitive decline)

Mushrooms: Avoid dark spots or brittle caps. Best from Nov.-April. To store cover fungi with a moist towel and refrigerate for 3-5 days. Great to boost your immune system and tumor-suppressing.

Asparagus: Best when they are bright green from top to bottom with purple-tinged buds. Best to consume March-June. Trim the ends and stand upright in a little water, cover tops with plastic bag, good for 3-5 days. These spears have folate and a B vitamin that reduced inflammation and protects the heart.

Strawberries: Bright red color with no mushy spots. Best from June-Aug. (unless you live in Florida). These berries will last 2-3 days in the fridge. Packed with Vitamin C.

Bell Peppers: Bright and solid green color. Great to eat July-Dec. Can be refrigerated up to 2 weeks. Loaded with antioxidants, vitamin C and vitamin A.

Onions: Crisp skin, no dents or dark spots. Great to use year-round. Store this veggie in a cool, dark place for up to 3-4 weeks. GPCS is a peptide known for reducing bone loss in experimental rates plus has the benefit of the cancer-fighting compound quercetin.

Apples: Firm skin, bright in color with no brusing. Best to eat Sept.- May. Keep apples in a plastic bag away from other veggies to ensure freshness. Contains quercetin which is linked to better heart-health, plus soluble fiber pectic which helps control cholesterol.

Whew. After all that, I think you know what is best. Use your search engines and find your local farmer’s market, or if you’re near St. Pete check it out every Saturday from 9 a.m.- 2 p.m.