Is Grey’s Getting Good?

This season of Grey’s Anatomy is getting down to the real drama as the show inches itself toward its close. In anticipation to see what happens to Izzie, Derek’s professional performance and Meredith’s engagement ring that Derek chucked into the woods, I have to ask my self: Is the occurring drama actually as good as it seems?

I am stuck thinking this show is either fabulous or ridiculous. Without really knowing what goes on inside a hospital I cannot conclude what actually happens or not. Maybe it is the character relations that are so aggravating. Can Meredith be any more selfish? Are hospital interns really that stupid? Do doctors always get away with yelling at patients?

Oh yeah, now I remind my self that it is a television show with a cause to provide entertainment.

Now that we all know Izzie has some type of odd cancer, it is down to Derek to save her. If she dies under Derek’s hand, it is safe to assume that he will go into a depressive state while poor Meredith, as selfish as she is, will never get to marry him because she will be too busy picking up his beer cans. If Izzie lives, then I don’t know – congratulations Derek and on to the next season?

Without looking at the Grey’s Anatomy Insider Web site, I still cannot decide if Izzie will live or die. Now if this there is a twist to this week’s episode, I will believe this show is a masterpiece. Otherwise, I’ll look forward to the new actor who takes Izzie’s place.


Alone Awareness

There are probably more of us who do not lead the ultra-social lifestyle that involves constant party-hopping and exceeding texting limits three times over. I’d like to think that reassurance of one’s self does not have to involve trying to meet the needs of acceptance through being a socialite – and I’m not saying that socialites get assurance this way. Although, I have met some of those people.

I’ve noticed a Jeep theory exists with people who drive Jeeps. A slight honk or wave to each other on the roads because they share the common “Jeep” bond. I found this out because my dad once had a Jeep and when we drove around, people would honk and wave all the time. What a concept, right?

From the Jeep theory, I found that people who are alone and go places scope out other people who are alone at the same places. Call me weird but I often go to the movies by my self on weekdays because the movie theater I go to sells tickets for $4 from Monday through Thursday.

In those times when I sit alone in a theater and look at all of the friends, couples and family members sitting with one another, I happen to notice that I am not the only person sitting alone. Actually, there are usually more people sitting alone than with someone else.

The part that makes me smile inside is that these loners are probably just like me – they are comfortable being alone. I’m not patting my self or anyone else on the back but I do think that I am a part of this sub-culture who feels ultra-fitting in their own skin. Going out solo feels freeing and the act has nothing to do with being lonely.

Some people look at me in shock and say, “I could never go to the movies by my self. That’s just weird.” I ask, “Why?” They say, “Because how can you go without someone?” I say, “It’s easy.”

College is a busy time for friends. Schedules vary which complicates weekday and weekend plans. If your friend has x amount of homework to do and you want to go eat at Chipotle Grill, do not hold back from going because your friend can’t. Remember this: Do not wait around to enjoy your life because you are relying on other people to do it with you.

While I do not recommend wasting away alone at a bar, I advise you to go places alone. Everyone needs companionship just as much as they need their own time. Walk through a museum, go see a movie, drink coffee at a café, read books at a bookstore, walk through the mall, take a bike ride, get a manicure or pedicure – and do it all alone.

If you are a part of the solo sub-culture, then I’m giving you my hand wave and horn honk. If you are an out-group member, try it out. It makes you appreciate your friends more and it’s quite liberating.

New In Town

First and foremost, anyone who knows about the overuse of the Papyrus font would want to gouge their eyes out when the beginning titles of “New in Town” blink on the screen.

Thankfully, the film’s plot made up for the typography cliché. With perfect connections between Minnesotan accents and the effects of sub-zero temperatures on a Miami-based CEO and fashion queen, the film had no room for ubiquitous, love-story plots.

As much as I do love the ever-present female journalist as the main character – such as in “Bridget Jones Diary” – I was happy to find out that Renee Zellweger did not take on that role again and played a more assertive character. The one thing I could not figure out is if she had cheek implants. Maybe I’m just dreaming.

Granted I’ve only seen Harry Connick Jr. in “P.S. I Love You,” but his niche is the less serious roles. I look at him the same way I look at Brendan Fraser: I do not take them seriously.

The Minnesotan sub-culture is foreign to Floridians. I guess if you live in Minnesota, you either embrace the outdoors or you stay inside and find other things to do. Baking too much and scrapbooking aren’t exactly as weird as the film portrays – a lot of Americans do both. The film inflicted stereotypes but nevertheless the character’s accents kept the audience entertained.

The theme of small-town America is the ground in which this film can stand firm upon. The small Minnesota town relies on one large factory which supplies the livelihood for pretty much the entire town whereas Zellweger’s character can get any job she wants.

This film teaches the general public that not only does America need smaller businesses, but smaller businesses need America to support small-town life.

The love story between Zellweger and Connick Jr helps the plot too. As much as Zellweger is ruthless and selfish, her love for Connick Jr. helps her character evolve into a better person and ultimately she saves the town. How’s that for showing someone you really love them?