Activity and Service Fees to Increase Next Year

By: Kaeli Conforti

A new Bill passed by Student Government will raise student activity and service fees by 64 cents per credit hour by this time next year.

“Since the University is growing in both enrollments and services, supporting the students and programs financially has grown difficult,” said, Regional Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Kent Kelso, who presented the Bill at the Student Government meeting on September 3rd.

“The increase for next year will generate $50,000 to address core services and student organizations,” he said.

Bill 08-010, which passed unanimously, allows for the excess money to be collected and divided among the many student organizations, offices and services on the USF St. Petersburg campus.

“It was a pretty easy decision,” said senior Sherilynne Schulze, a Student Government Senator from the College of Business, who sponsored the Bill. “With Residence Hall One full, we expect a lot more participation in student life and other organizations on campus,” she said.

According to Kelso, there was an increase in activity and service fees last year of 61 cents per credit hour, an amount which brought in close to $50,000 toward campus activities. Before that, the fee had not been raised in over five years.

“[It] increases the financial resources that support student life and student programs, and activities are crucial for building a vibrant and satisfying campus life for students,” said Kelso. “These funds provide activities and services that are some of the strongest retention factors on college campuses,” he said.

Kelso told members of Student Government that once the Bill is passed, the next step will be its presentation for approval by the Campus Board during a meeting on September 12th before finally being presented to the Finance Committee of the Board of Trustees during their meeting in December.

Schulze, who has been a senator since last year, understands the need for an increase.

“We’re trying to save money, but you can’t cut back on every corner,” Schulze said.