Students Reflect Presidential Picks

With the November election fast approaching, opinions vary on political issues both around nation and across campus.

Lauren Vicari, Finance Major at USF St. Petersburg plans to vote for Senator Barack Obama and calls herself a liberal. She said she is concerned with the economy and how it is “more unstable than it once was.”

Vicari believes Barack Obama will create more jobs and bring forth green technologies. “If he [Obama] hires a good team and cabinet, he will do fine,” said Vicari.

Brad Parker, an accounting major at USF St. Petersburg, said he is supporting John McCain.

“I am very happy with the choice of [Governor Sarah] Palin,” said Parker, who finds the vice presidential candidates humorously opposite from their selected running mates.

“Part of me is pushing more for McCain because I do not want Obama to be president,” Parker said.

Brian Mahoney, a USF St. Petersburg student is undecided on choosing a presidential candidate.

Like many college students, Mahoney said he is concerned about the economy and will likely vote for McCain. He said the Republican Party is “the default,” although he does not personally side with either party.

Andrew J. Wilson, graduate student at USF said he tried to look at the candidate’s policies that made the most sense. “After much deliberation and research, I have decided to vote for Barack,” he said.

“With John McCain, I saw automatic hypocrisy. The guy has all these lobbyists working for him,” Said Wilson.

R.J. Denton, a USF student pursing an education degree, is undecided. While originally supporting Obama, Denton reconsidered after McCain chose Palin as a running mate.

“I was more aligned with Obama’s policies,” Denton said. “I think he [Obama] emphasizes more change than McCain.”

Even though he likes Palin as McCain’s running mate, Denton, a registered republican, said if the election was held today he would vote for Obama.

“I’m going to vote for the best person who can lead the country,” Denton said