Make Thanksgiving Worthwhile

Having to celebrate Thanksgiving Day alone or are you not doing anything special? The best of us have to surrender the traditional, family-gathering holiday solo sometimes. But that’s fine. Why not make the best out of it? Maybe I’m an eternal optimist…

I have come up with ten, rather quirky ways to make November 27th a memorable day if you are celebrating by your self, with a small family or with friends.

1. Volunteer: Give others a memorable holiday by serving food or volunteering somehow. Feel self gratification by giving to others in need.

2. Waterin’ Trough: I know – a little strange to some of you non-country music lovers. But they have a food buffet after 7 p.m., line dancing and an opportunity to share a homemade dessert with everyone else.

3. Movies: Movie theaters are open and usually there are new releases on November 27th. But from the looks of Fandango, new releases come out the day before.

4. Make a dinner: Why not cook your favorite food? Think of it this way: you don’t have to cook 50 different dishes and have to clean it all up after. Try your hand at new dishes to expand your cooking talents.

5. Go to McDonalds: Sounds stranger than going to the Waterin’ Trough? Would you laugh at me if I told you I did this with my dad once? Go to McDonalds and order as much as you can eat to create your own feast. My dad and I laughed for days after. It doesn’t hurt to be adventurous and a little silly.

6. Don’t do anything: No, really. Hang around the house; make a Christmas gift list for friends and family and rest before going to the malls on Black Friday.

7. Do homework: You probably won’t do this but I guess if you are desperate for something to do it will not hurt to get ahead.

8. Turkey Trot: Put those running shoes on and run in the cold with the rest of Pinellas County- at least it feels like the whole county is there.

9. Have friends over: I’m sure that after friends spend half the day with their families they need a break. Have friends over to watch whatever football game is on – or better yet – the Macy’s Day parade.

10. Go to someone’s house: Great friends won’t let you down. Bring a dish or a bottle of wine to show your appreciation. Spending the holiday with someone else is better than sitting in your house alone.