Why men love…huh?

The book is called “Why Men Love Bitches.”

Don’t get the wrong impression.

The subtitle says, “From Doormat to Dreamgirl – A Woman’s Guide to Holding Her Own in a Relationship.”

Now for the story behind why I read this book and my opinion as to why every woman should read it.

My good friend and I exchanged Christmas gifts before my winter vacation. When I unwrapped the book, the word “Bitches” in bold red lettering struck my eyes first.

I didn’t know what to think of the book, or my friend’s intentions for that matter.

Then she explained how this is the book held closely to the hearts of many Sorority sisters. They’ve read it so many times that when someone is in relationship trouble, a sister is there to recite quotes.

It’s a relationship bible, an instructional manual for the ubiquitous ‘good girl’ who always gets her heart broken.

Well, ladies. Heartbreak no more! I read this book and I feel like a new person. Dare I give away the secrets behind each page? All I will say is read it now before your next relationship starts or your current relationship ends.

Too many times have I seen women get their hearts stomped on from men who could not care less about them.

A ‘Bitch’ according to this book is a woman who does not overcompensate for a man, who can stand up for how she should be rightfully treated and if not treated correctly, should show a man the door.

The book is filled with 100 attraction principles which are also listed in numerical order in the back. It can be overlooked that this book has several typos when the content behind the principles are secrets from the gods. Actually, as a writer I care about the typos.

If you ever read this book, dog-ear Page 20 – “attraction principle number nine.”

“Meet the new and improved bitch,” the title says.

Then write down the ten characteristics that define the new Bitch and memorize them.

I would advise every woman to read this book not because men are scoundrels and take advantage of women, but because more times than none, women do not know how to handle men. Women screw up just as much as men do.

This book teaches women the various languages of men. Men do not respond well to ‘nice girls’ as they do to Bitches. Men find the Bitch more attractive because she knows what she wants and is not a pushover.

Skip those other relationship therapy books where it’s more about the man’s fault. Put those high heels on and strut on over to your favorite bookstore, read this book and feel more confident about how to handle your self and your relationship.