Retreat to Relaxation at the Lotus Pond

By Amanda Smith

You don’t have to travel to India to find spirituality; just hop on the Veteran’s Expressway.

Located on Lynn Road near AMC Veterans 24 in Citrus Park, The Lotus Pond is a 4.5 acre retreat, featuring beautifully constructed log cabins for your yoga practice. The cabins’ high ceilings and natural surroundings make you feel like you’ve stepped into an alternate reality, where term papers and reading assignments are non-existent.

The warmth of spirit at The Lotus Pond is undeniable – and so are their Free Yoga Day offerings. The most recent Free Yoga Day, held on August 24th, was a wonderful day of free classes, chair massages, gardening and composting info. I learned how to combine and recycle organic waste (leftover/decaying fruits, vegetables, household and yard waste) so that I can reduce the amount of “green” waste that I contribute to landfills. For more info on composting techniques, check out:

. Instructors offered raw food demonstrations, where I learned to make a wonderful sunflower seed hummus-like spread for crackers. Loads of people attend these events, I’m convinced some of which come purely for the free food.

After my chair massage, I had definitely transcended some of life’s less enjoyable moments.

The best part about Free Yoga Day at the Lotus Pond is the class discounts offered. Participants receive $5 off a five-class package and $10 off a ten-class package. Be sure to bring a friend to the pond – each newcomer you bring will add a free class to your package.

Even on a regular day at The Lotus Pond, the classes are reasonable priced – $15 for an hour of bending, stretching and meditation.

The most distinct aspect of The Lotus Room is their meditation, facilitated by comedy-inclined instructors. Be sure and catch Shelly’s class as she’s known for making you nearly fall out of a pose from laughter. She loosens up the class, allowing for an especially enthusiastic “Om” to end the practice.

Continue to check out the Health/Fitness blog for information and dates on the next open house at Lotus Pond – you won’t want to miss it.

For a full class schedule and pricing information, check out:


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